When we looked around for a water system, we had several people come around and talk to us. We went with Lee and his team because of the price and the 7-year warrantee, they are very professional at what they do and communicated well. It took the plumber less than an hour to have everything fitted and the water tastes amazing should have done it a long time ago.
Steve and Cherie
Such a great outcome for the family. I wish I had installed this years ago. Lee and his team were very professional and helpful in all they did for us. Easy and quick turnaround in the installation. They knew what they were talking about, and helped us to understand the benefits for the whole family – from healthier drinking water to the bathing water – especially for our infant’s sensitive skin. No more bottled water for us ! No hesitations in recommending to others.
Christina Americano
Centre Director, SDN Woolloomooloo
My wife has Eczema and the doctors were telling us it could be the water we are showering in so we decided to buy a system for the house, we looked around and went with Full House because they were nearly half price of some of their competitors. We have been using now for a couple of months and my wife’s Eczema has improved so much its amazing. Highly recommended.
I have had my system installed for three months now and the smell of chlorine when we shower has now gone and my skin feels softer, we already had a water filter under the sink but its nice to know we can use any tap in the house to drink from now. The Full House team were amazing from start to finish and have recommended them to several of my friends.
Kate Murray
North Ryde
Only had it fitted 5 days ago but so far so good, didn’t take them long to install and the price was excellent and the water tastes much better than it did. Great bunch of people would recommend.
Graham S
Thanks for a great experience. Clothes are defiantly softer, no more chlorine smell from the dishwasher and the water tastes great.