A Full House Water Filtration system can be your ideal point-of-entry tap. It is plugged into your water mains at the point where it enters your home. The system does not require any power to operate and it works on the water flow alone.

This filtration system can effectively remove several contaminants such as debris, chlorine, iron, sulphur, heavy metals and others. As the filter is plugged into the water mains at the entry point of your home, the water you receive in your home is clean and filtered.

You can access the filtered water all over your house. You can brush your teeth, do laundry, wash dishes, take a shower make tea with filtered water. Our setup gives you complete peace of mind that whenever you are using water in your house it is free from any contaminant that can affect your or your family’s health.

You can use a range of water filters to tackle various water-related issues in your home. Some of the filters can remove foul chlorine odour from the water. Some other filters are designed in such a way that they reduce harmful sediments of sulphur, rust, sand, bacteria, magnesium iron and arsenic in your water. If you are not sure what type of filter you will need for your specific needs, make an appointment with our specialists. They will guide you so that you take the right decision to solve your issue.

Our system has three different stages through which water from the mains passes and gets filtered so that you get clean, tasteless and odourless water in the house. These three stages are the following.

The pre-filter stage

The first stage of the filtration system is designed in such a way that it removes large size contaminants from the water. These contaminants can include particulates like silt and sediment. If you use water that contains a high percentage of sediment, it can damage your appliances and plumbing in the long run. The prefilter stage stops these larger size particulates from entering your home. As this is the first point of contact for the water contaminants, you must replace this filter every 2 to 3 months. This will ensure that your filtration system works optimally.

The activated carbon stage

The second stage of our cutting-edge filtration system uses activated carbon to bind chlorine and chloramines and removes them from the water. This is the second line of defence of the filtration system and it helps in removing chlorine compounds from the water to eliminate any foul chlorine odour.

The post-filter stage

This is the third and final filtration stage in which the water passes through the post filter which removes any smaller particulate contaminants from the water. After the water passes through all three stages, it reaches your tap clean, flavourless, and odourless. To ensure that your water filtration system works perfectly, you must change the post-filter twice every year to get the best results.

To know more about the our system works, make an appointment with our technical experts for a free consultation or check out our products below:

Features of our Revolutionary Water Filtration Systems

  1. 3 STAGE 10″ BIG BLUE WHOLE HOUSE SYSTEM – The 3 Stage 10″ Big Blue Whole House System is an all-inclusive solution for your home in one unit. It is a robust and highly effective water filtration system for your home or small commercial facility. It uses proven technology to remove contaminants, and odours from your water. This compact water filtration system is designed to treat water for town/tank or bore well. It is based on a high flow system and does not require any power and is perfect for filtering water for up to 9 people
  2. WATER SOFTENER FILTER CARTRIDGE – This filter cartridge has granulated activated carbon media. It provides an effective filtration solution for your entire home. This resin filter cartridge removes the taste and odour of chlorine and heavy metal from the water. It effectively prevents hard water staining and scaling. It is a perfect water filtration solution for big blue housings.
  3. KDF HEAVY METAL FILTER – The KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) heavy metal filter cartridge has activated carbon particles. This powerful filtration cartridge can remove heavy metals, chlorine, odour and taste from your water. It is a high-efficiency filter that is designed for river/bore water.
  4. 10″ X 4.5 – 5 MICRON SEDIMENT FILTER CARTRIDGE – The 10″ X 4.5 – 5 Micron Sediment Filter Cartridge provides a basic type of filtration. It removes larger particulates like dirt, rust, dust, leaves, clay, debris and other big particles from the water. This sediment polypropylene spun filter offers high-efficiency filtration of 5 microns and is effective for different types of water.


Why Get our Water Filtration System

At Full House Water Filtration, we provide the best filtration system and filter cartridges in Australia.

  • Our 3-stage water filtration system is designed to provide the user with clear, flavourless, tasteless and filtered water throughout the house.
  • It is an extremely robust system that does not require any external power to function but works on a high flow of water to remove big and small contaminants.
  • The 3-stage system is designed to not only remove big particulates like sand, silt, dirt and debris, but also small size contaminants like chlorine, iron magnesium and heavy metals.
  • Once our licensed and highly experienced plumber installs our full water filtration system at the water mains of your home, you are guaranteed clean, odourless, tasteless and filtered water throughout your home.
  • You can wash dishes, cook, shower, make tea et cetera with complete peace of mind. The confidence we have in our system is proven by the 7 years warranty we offer on our 3-stage full-house water filtration system. It is the highest such warranty in our niche.

To know more about our system and which one is best for your unique needs, book a free consultation with our experts. They will analyse your requirements and advise you regarding the right system.