Our mission is to create healthier happier homes for family’s by supplying them with a water system that gives them safer cleaner water for the entire house. We regularly see problems with the water quality in people’s homes and we strive to create an awareness and change the way people think and use water.

We strongly believe that drinking clean fresh water is important however bathing and showering in filtered water is just as essential, removing the chlorine reduces skin and lung irritations caused by vapour from the water when showering.

Water is essential to our survival. With not knowing what’s ahead, the water must be filtered in every outlet in your house, especially if you have health concerns such as sensitive skin or asthma.

Fitting a Full house water system in your house will remove the need for the abundance of water filters found scattered around your home, not to mention the reduction or total removal of the need for bottled water which will help our environment.

We are passionate about the water that’s why we have created an affordable way for you to access safer cleaner water to your entire house, now you know a little bit more about Full House Water Filtration feel free to leave your details and we will be in touch.


3 Steps to Safer Cleaner Water to your Entire House

  1. As all customers have their own unique set of circumstances, we need to ask some questions, so please click on one of the tabs and submit your details.
  2. Once we have your details one of our friendly water filter professionals will arrange a free phone consultation to talk about the water system, they will answer all your questions and explain the system fully.
  3. If you like what you hear so far then the next step is to organise a Free Home Consultation, this is where we visit the home bring one of our systems with us look at where it would be fitted and answer any more questions you might have.


Enjoy Safer Cleaner Water to your Entire House for you and your Family.

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