House Water Filter System Sydney

If you are looking for a high-quality water filter for your home, the full-house water filter system in Sydney is a great choice. This system is plugged into the main water line, where it enters your home. It ensures that the water that comes out of every faucet in your house is clean and filtered.

Investing in a high-quality home water filtration system in Sydney will ensure that water contaminants such as Iron, Chlorine, Sulphur and others do not enter your home. Each drop that comes out from every tap in your home is clean.

Installing the filter system will guarantee access to filtered water all over your house, when you do laundry, brush your teeth, make a tea or take a shower. To find the right water filtration system, it is important to know what is in your water. Full House Water Filtration offers you a powerful home water filtration system in Sydney with different filters for different requirements. Some of these filters block sediments like sulphur, iron and arsenic in your water. And some filters treat any foul odour of chlorine that comes out of your tap water.

When you invest in a house water filter in Sydney, you can avail multiple benefits. Some of these benefits include, clean water being available throughout your home, keeping your family members healthy and increasing the lifespan of your appliances.

If you are not sure which water filter offers the best solution for your specific needs, you can call our experts. We can give you a free home demonstration so that you can make an informed decision.

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House Water Filters: 5 Reasons to Get One

You get multiple benefits when you install a house water filter in Sydney.

  1. It Removes Harmful Contaminants Like Chlorine

Drinking water, laced with chlorine can affect your health adversely in the long run. Although the percentage of chlorine that is found in the tap water is certified as safe to drink, it is safer not to take any chance with your health. Some people, when they consume water which has chlorine or fluoride, can have adverse reactions. The home water filtration system in Sydney is a great technology that can easily remove chlorine from the water and make it cleaner and safer to drink.

You can look at our high-quality filter range to choose one that is the perfect solution for your unique needs. Our high-quality filters soften the water through the ion exchange process. They effectively remove chlorine, heavy metals, magnesium, calcium and iron from the water and making it safe to drink.

  1. You Will Taste the Difference (No Taste!)

Taste of the water in different areas is different. It depends upon the reservoir and the condition of your plumbing. Whatever the taste of the water that you drink regularly, you will find the flavourless water much better. The taste of the water in Melbourne or Sydney is not bad, but once you have tasted clean and filtered water, you will prefer it to the unfiltered one. Our water filters are designed and built to provide durability and an effective filtration solution. So, once you have installed our full-house water filtration system in your home, you will never again have to drink water with an earthy or metallic taste.

  1. Wallet-Friendly & Environmental-Friendly

The market for bottled filtered water in Australia is approximately $ 2 billion per year. This has created a big challenge in the form of empty water bottle disposal. Millions of plastic bottles are dumped into the ocean or landfills, causing immeasurable damage to the environment. Furthermore, the production of millions of plastic bottles requires a huge number of resources. It also results in carbon emissions, leading to global warming. The water filter system in Sydney offers a solution for saving the environment as well as helping you save money. Once you have installed the water filter system, you will never again store bottled water in your home.

  1. It Will Help You to Stay Healthy

Our high-quality filters will remove any microorganisms or harmful chemicals from your water supply. As the filtered water tastes better, you will love to drink more, which will help you to stay healthy. When you drink an adequate amount of water, you get several health benefits that include improved cognitive function, loss of weight, improved immune system, and fewer headaches. It also helps in reducing the level of toxins in your bloodstream. All these benefits make your investment in a water filter system in Sydney, highly profitable.

  1. Your Food Will Taste Better

If the food dish that you make requires water, the water filter system will help to make the food taste even better. The water filler plays an important role to sustain the flavour of the food and it also helps in removing any germs. This helps in increasing the storage life of the food. To know more about house water filters in Sydney book an appointment. Our friendly technician will give you a free consultation about which water filter is best for your needs.


High-Quality Products

If you are looking for a high-quality water filtration system in Sydney, contact Full House water filtration. We are a well-known and reputed company and have the best water filtration solution for your exact needs. Our experienced experts can professionally plumb our highly sophisticated three-stage water filtration system directly into the main water pipe that is entering your home.

Every drop of water that passes through our high-tech three-stage water filtering system is filtered of any contaminant or smell. And you get clean, filtered and flavorless water from every water outlet of your home. The design of the water filter system in Sydney that we provide incorporates advanced technology and is so robust that it can remove 99% of any chlorine byproducts present in the water. The filtration system can also effectively remove a large number of heavy metals and other contaminants.

The 4 products that we sell are the following:



  1. 3 STAGE 10″ BIG BLUE WHOLE HOUSE SYSTEM: This highly robust filtration system is made to treat tank/town and bore water conditions. It does not require any power and can remove water softener, sediments and heavy metals.
  2. WATER SOFTENER FILTER CARTRIDGE: It is a Resin filter cartridge that contains granulated activated carbon media. This filter is used to stop water staining and scaling. It also removes chlorine, heavy metal, taste and smell from the water.
  3. KDF HEAVY METAL FILTER: The KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) heavy metal filter has granulated activated carbon media. It removes heavy metal from the water and offers a perfect solution for Big Blue Housings.
  4. 10″ X 4.5 – 5 MICRON SEDIMENT FILTER CARTRIDGE: This sediment polypropylene spun filter offers a basic type of filtration. It can effectively remove sediments, doors, leaves, rust, clay and debris from the water.


Fast and Reliable Sydney Service

If you want to install the best water filter system in Sydney to keep your family safe from any water contaminants, our highly experienced team of professionals are there to help you. We offer free installation of the filtration system. Our professionals will plumb the water filtration system into the main line that enters your home. The installation of the system is done by one of our highly skilled licensed plumbers. However, if you want to do it yourself, then this option is also available for you.

The unique design of our plumbing system allows you to switch back to unfiltered water. You can use the unfiltered water to wash your car, fill up swimming pools or water the plants. The products we sell are AS/NZS/IS9002 certified and conform to the Australian Water Marks Standards. Additionally, our high-quality house water filter in Sydney products come with an unbeatable 7-year warranty. So, you can use these with complete confidence regarding their reliability and effectiveness.

To know more about our products and which one will fit in with your requirement, contact us today for free consultation and quote. You will be pleasantly surprised.


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Our highly experienced and skilled licensed professionals guarantee to provide:

  • Highly reliable and fast service.
  • Licensed and highly experienced plumbers.
  • Superior Customer service.
  • Fast response in emergencies.
  • Highly affordable pricing.
  • Professional service and high-quality parts.
  • 7 years of warranty.
  • AS/NZS/IS9002 and Australian Water Mark Standards.




Our commitment to providing a high-quality service

The installation of our filtration system is done by highly skilled and experienced licensed plumbers, and they are free. We also give you the option to install the best water filtration system in Sydney on your own, if you so wish. Our systems are fully certified AS/NZS/IS9002, and Australian Water Mark Standards and they offer the best filtration solutions that you will find in the market. If you want to change the plumbing option to get unfiltered water for your swimming pools, car wash or plants, then you can do it effortlessly. With 7 years of warranty, you can use our system with complete peace of mind and confidence that the system and its installation are of the highest standards.

Whenever you call us, you will get quick and efficient service from our company. All our products are reasonably priced and provide a complete solution for your filtered water needs. To know more about our products and services contact us now.